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Ramming & Pull out test

The purpose of Ramming & Pull out tests is to determine the possibility of building a SPP on a dedicated land plot, obtaining data to determine the characteristics of the supporting structures of photovoltaic modules. Determination of the carrying capacity of the terrain, after analysis and determination of the terrain characteristics using geotechnical field and laboratory tests, tests for stretching and lateral load are used. The importance of these tests in the design of the foundation requires the correct preparation of the test specification, which includes the number of tests that must be performed, their location, load, etc. Our company provides its services for all types of geotechnical works during various stages of construction or project: geotechnical surveys on FS or Design stages, driving tests and pull tests under load, side load tests and technical advice for designers or builders field companies.

Field works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST 5686-94 “Soils. Field test methods for piles”, SNiP 2.02.01, change No. 1 (p., p. “Foundations and foundations of structures”, SNiP 2.02.03-85 “Pile foundations”.

We have all the necessary equipment and tools for proper ramming and pull out tests & etc.


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