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Арман Момбеков

Arman Mombekov has more than 5 years’ experience in renewable project development and design process. Recently got involved in construction activities. Arman Mombekov provides services on a regular basis for many well-known Kazakhstan and international organizations among which are SAS “Fonroche» (France), SAS “Urbasolar” (France), ACME Cleantech (India), Risen energy (Hong Kong), LLP Energy System Researches (KZ) and LLP “CARER” (KZ). Arman Mombekov provides a full cycle of service — from the concluding the MoU of understanding, Policy and regulatory guidance, Power purchase agreement (PPA) and interconnection assessment, analysis of the urban or rural situation of the site, land allocation, defining the connection point to the grid and other pipelines and networks, utility, coordination of the project task, designing, installation supervision, starting up and adjustment, commissioning and maintenance.

Recent experience

  • Renewable energy project development: Completed more than 5 project development focusing on rapid results on land allocation process and defining the connection points.
    • CEO of “Aquila Solar” LLP, SPV for 24 MW Solar park. (Reference Axel de Bienassis, +34675413331, debienassis@reden.solar);
    • Co-developer and general designer of Gulshat project 40 MW Solar park (Central Kazakhstan). (Reference Daler Khakimov, +77015515652);
    • On basis of PoA represented Urbasolar SAS in Turkistan region, mostly for land allocation process. Project Zadarya 14 MW Solar park. (Reference Timur Zhakupov, +77016293702, timur@urbasolar.com);
    • Representative of Energy System Researches LLP for facilitation of permitting procedure of the Detailed design at all applicable and authorized bodies. (Reference Valeriy Tyugay, +77017659155, valeriy@esr.kz);
    • Represented Vista International LLP (KZ, Korday), construction of 21 MW wind power plant at the local administrative body at all stages development process. (Reference Evgniy Omashev, +77011110767, Ernur Zhiyenbayev, +77710990241).
  • Renewable energy construction activities: Since recently started getting involved in construction activities of renewable energy objects:
  • Gulshat project 40 MW Solar park. 4 km chain link fencing. Topographic marking of the trenches, access road and fencing. (Reference Tolegen Ahanov, +770179264111, ceo@hi-techkz.com);
  • Burnoye Solar 2, 50 MW extension Solar park. Topographic marking of the whole construction site. (Reference Ivan Zabarin, +77056248643, iz@skug.kz).

Qualifications and interests

Graduated from Kazakh-Turkish College of economics. Bachelor and masters of international law at Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi.